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The Path to Healing

Healing those who have struggled with accepting their LGBTQ church membership and that of their loved ones.


"A Soul Cleansing: Black, Gay and Christian" is a documentary film highlighting the stories of triumph and tragedy of those who stand at the intersections of faith, sex and sexaulity. For so long the black church has denied and dismissed the personhood of queer bodies in their communities of faith. This has caused irrevocable harm to a large population of queer christian folk. This film will allow for LGBTQ persons (closeted and not) to share their stories and how they reclaim their faith and bodies in the face of harmful theologies. A Soul Cleansing film is supported by Columbia University's Center on African American Religion, Sexual Politics & Social Justice and Disciples of Christ' National Benevolent Association and a host of compassionate individuals. 


Producer/Director  - Andre G. Brown

As a non-profit, we are always seeking funding to make our work possible.


We accept donations through PayPal that go directly towards our mission and thank you sincerely in advance.

Share Your Story


Do you have a personal story to share about LGBTQ persons and the black church? Submit anonymously to or via the form below.

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The Soul Cleansing Project exists to offer churches, schools, paraministries tools (the film) and (other educational resources such as film study guide, workshops, guided discussions, etc.) to bring healing and reconciliation to families and churches who have struggled with accepting their LGBTQ church membership and loved ones.

Based in Los Angeles, CA

The Soul Cleansing Project works with local, regional and national churches, social organizations, schools/universities who believe in our mission to bring inclusion and diversity to every sector of religious life. 

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