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Many same gender loving individuals feel forsaken by God because homophobic Christians use four passages in the bible to deny their personhood. Our mission is to help heal those who have struggled with accepting their LGBTQ church membership and that of their loved ones.


Andre G. Brown

- Andre G. Brown is a performer, educator and director who has been creating original theatre and media for over 15 years.


- He has done significant work with young people in the arts in the US and abroad using Boal's tenets of Theatre of the Oppressed.


- With a strong desire to equip underserved communities with practices in the arts, he continues to teach in cities with great need, where resources lack.


- He holds masters degrees in theatre and education from New York University and University of Washington. 


- A Soul Cleansing is his first film.


"For the better part of  20 years with I've struggled accepting myself as a 'gay christian' - I think homo/queerphobic theology has harmed so many young once-devout Christians that the conversation followed by significant action is long overdue - I also attended ex-gay conversion therapy and a lot of that damage has yet to be undone - even 20 years later."

- Andre G. Brown


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As a non-profit, we are always seeking funding to make our work possible.


We accept donations through PayPal that go directly towards our mission and thank you sincerely in advance.

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